Shoot day #27 x 2 kale salads per day = 64th kale salad. We miss you, lettuce. Whatever we did to offend you- we apologize.

Day 1, kale salad #2

My disclosure agreement on this show won’t let me post anything interesting. Instead I’m going to document the insane number of kale salads, the only thing they’re providing to the vegetarians.
Day 1 of documentation, kale salad #1

Which one of you yarn bombed my set?

When I take a new job…


at first…

by the end of the show…

I might actually be past this already.

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When you’ve just lugged couches up three flights of stairs and sound complains about being tired


Or video assist.

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Set dec humor

What’s the heaviest thing the On Set Dresser has to carry?

The Camera Department.

After five restaurant sets, a gigantic stage day and a bookstore this location is an appropriate place to end the week.

Camera department loves itself so much it is now just filming the camera department.

The Greek Salad seems like a good deal.